Our training offering

We provide two types of trainings. Inhouse trainings tailored specifically to your needs and public trainings. We believe that every training you attend must significantly help to be more effective and successful in what you do. All the trainings we provide must therefore live up to this standard.

Upcoming trainings

These are our next public trainings. For inhouse trainings and requests for additional public trainings, please send us a message.

Antifragile Architecture with Microsoft Azure

This is a four day course that will give a solid foundation to Architects charged with building complex systems in the cloud. The course gives a new perspective and helps the Architect contribute effectively, even in agile scenarios, with concrete tools and techniques.

This course provides

Tools and techniques to help manage complexity in modern distributed systems

A quickstart in effective cloud architecture

A new way to think about architecture and the Architect’s role in the age of digitalization

Date: To be defined

Place: Zurich, Switzerland